Bald Head Island village leaders agreed to Stickland Agner Pittman’s request to stop using public resources to promote a November bond referendum to promote acquisition of the ferry system by the municipality through the village website.

In a September 1 letter from the Strickland Agner Pittman firm based in Goldsboro, Billy J. Strickland II asked the village to cease and desist from what he called “improper use of Village Bald Head Island email list serve.”

The attorney stated that Mayor Andy Sayre used the site to specifically address issues in the upcoming election which, he wrote, was a violation of state law and case law (specifically, Dollar v. Town of Cary).

“This is an unusual election season that appears to be dominated by one issue: our transportation system … The current Council and I have stated publicly our recommendation and support of the upcoming bond referendum, so that all Bald Head Island stakeholders will be responsible for the future viability of OUR transportation system,” the letter stated, quoting Sayre.

, StatePortPilot.Com

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